General Operating Procedures

Our goal is to provide you with an easy, safe, clean, and professional rental experience. We want to be your choice for wedding, inflatable, and event rentals in North Georgia.

Count on us showing up on time, with the right equipment, and ready for your event.

With No Deposits Required on most equipment and Free 25 mile delivery there's no reason not to book with us today!

All inflatable pricing includes free delivery for the first 25 miles, free set-up and removal, and training on equipment use. Additional mileage charges will apply after the first 25 miles.

The Naughty List: Here are examples of inflatable setups done incorrectly by some of the other guys.

Not Enough Sandbags | No Safety Mat | Too Many Users | Unsupervised | Improper Anchoring

-Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave the inflatable unattended or un-watched.

-Always check inflatable safety panel for maximum occupant loads and capacity.

-Guests must remove shoes, pocket items, glasses, jewelry, etc.

-Diving and flipping are strictly prohibited. No back flips, roughhousing, horseplay or bouncing against walls.

- On your bottom, by yourself, and feet first when sliding down any inflatable slide.

-Guests should not take unnecessary risks.

-No food, drink, gum, paint, soap or silly string on or in the inflatable.

-The inflatable should not be operated if winds exceed 20 mph.

-The inflatable should not be used in rain or lightning conditions.
Our inflatables are inflated using enclosed electric blower units that are powered by a standard 110 volt, 15-20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet.

Each blower draws roughly 9-10 Amps (1,000 -1,100w). Larger units may require multiple blowers or higher horsepower equipment.

Electricity is needed within 100 feet of the inflatable. These motors run constantly to keep the unit inflated so constant ample power will be required.

Other event equipment should not be placed on the same power source. The blower units are powered by a standard 110 volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet. Each machine requires between 7-11 Amps (900-1,300w).

A generator may be used to power the units if sufficient outlets/power is not available.
Scheduled Equipment pick ups requiring Jitterbug staff to pick up after 9 pm will incur a 150$ afterhours charge.

Example, we have to pick up your wedding dishware at the venue by midnight because another wedding has the property in the morning.

Depending on the equipment, some customers can avoid after hour charges by returning the equipment to our warehouse the next day themselves (not always applicable) or working with the venue to allow Jitterbug to pick up items the following morning.

Large Tents are typically setup on Fridays and picked up on Mondays. Weekend pickup is available at overtime rates.
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