T General Operating Procedures. Jitterbug Party Rentals

General Operating Procedures

-Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave the inflatable unattended or un-watched.

-Always check inflatable safety panel for maximum occupant loads and capacity.

-Guests must remove shoes, pocket items, glasses, jewelry, etc.

-Diving and flipping are strictly prohibited. No back flips, roughhousing, horseplay or bouncing against walls.

- On your bottom, by yourself, and feet first when sliding down any inflatable slide.

-Guests should not take unnecessary risks.

-No food, drink, gum, paint, soap or silly string on or in the inflatable.

-The inflatable should not be operated if winds exceed 20 mph.

-The inflatable should not be used in rain or lightning conditions.
Immediately call us at 678-948-JUMP (5867) with any concerns regarding personnel or equipment. In case of a emergency, dial 911.

Power failure is the primary source of inflatable failures.

-Check the plugs, is the connection loose? Did someone trip it out of place?

-Is the Blower Motor still in the on position?

-Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If the circuit breaker has tripped, try to identify and isolate any other equipment from the circuit before resetting the breaker.

-Immediately remove any persons playing in or on the inflatable during a power failure.
Yes, we have trained Event Specialists that can monitor our inflatables during your event.

Please see Add On Services to book attendants for your event.

Jitterbug carries Workers Compensation Coverage on all it's employees. Certificate of coverage available upon request.
Still Got Questions Call 678-948-JUMP or Chat Below

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